New Kamazi


The Hidden Teaching dojo would like to extend a special thanks to Michael Philippus for our new kamazi. This beautiful wood display was designed for Taika Oyata's Birthday Seminar last fall, a special occassion which marked Taika's 60th year in the martial arts. We are very proud to continue to display it in our dojo. We also want to thank Eric Anderson, Glendive, MT for hauling the materials from Kansas City, MO to Moorhead, MN. Thank you.

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Okinawan Life Protection Arts

okinawa_map.pngOff the southern tip of Japan is a group of islands called the Ryukyu chain; Okinawa is the largest and the most influential of these islands. Due to the location between Japan and China, Okinawa has been called the martial arts melting pot of the world.

Ryute Renmei is a classical system of karate reflecting the original concepts of the fighting arts of Okinawa. The techniques are those used by the ancient warriors of the Ryukyu Islands. It is these ideals that separate Ryute Renmei from Modern and Traditional forms of karate.

Ryute Renmei is a form of martial arts which encompasses a great deal more than just punching and kicking. What makes this system unique is that it not only teaches the basic martial arts techniques, but also includes TUITE JITSU (grappling techniques), KYUSHO JITSU (vital point strikes), and KOBUDO JITSU (weapons techniques).

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